We have opened seventh Slovak Klubovňa, located on Hlavná Street in Košice. Košická is the first Klubovňa in the eastern part of Slovakia. All the amazing things you already know from other Klubovňa pubs like great beer, exquisite food and an awesome atmosphere can't be missing in Košická Klubovňa.

Welcome in Košická Klubovňa :)

Design and interior

The seventh, Košická Klubovňa has a capacity of 140 seats inside and another 50 seats can be found on the outdoor terrace. The interior is full of old historical photos from different parts of Košice. The pub has also table football and large LCD screens on which you can watch your favorite sport matches.


Košická Klubovňa is located on Hlavná Street, right in the historical city center of Košice.

Our beer

You can enjoy more than twelve kinds of beers in Klubovňa. Laboriously draught beer, superior Belgian and British beer as well as our specialty Zlatý Bažant 12˚ tank beer which you can't get anywhere else in Slovakia. Zlatý Bažant 12˚ brewed with wit is made for you by experts whose passion for beer and skills can't be replaced by any modern machine.

On top of all this, we also offer our own and unique beer Klubovňácka 11°. We have brewed it also with you! In order to find out what beer you want to drink in the Klubovňa, we made a big beer survey. We had prepared three samples based on the results. And then, we had continually improved, modified, tasted and brewed three more. These were tasted, compared, and the best was selected by experts from the world of beer together with you, our faithful customers and beer lovers. The result is Klubovňa 11° beer. The beer which you can only taste in our Klubovňa.

We keep the beer chilled to the ideal temperature of 7 - 10˚C all the way. For that we use a modern and transparent tank and barrel storage which is a chilled room with glass walls where there are ensured ideal temperature conditions for beer 7 - 10˚C.

Our food

Our desire is to prepare tasty and quality food. Therefore, Tomáš Sika, being one of the best Slovak chefs, takes care of the kitchen and your taste buds in every Klubovňa pub. Our chefs have turned the menu into a collection of poetry.

What about roasted fatback on Klubovňácka 11° with steamed sauerkraut and greased lokše (potato pancakes). When was the last time you had it? If it was a long time ago, well then just correct this fatal mistake.

And we can guarantee that you won't be able to stop eating our freshly baked flat cakes. They are so delicious that suddenly you will realize you are just having the forth one already!

We hope you will fall in love with Klubovňa as we have :)

Cheers, enjoy your meal and have fun!