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Ružinovská Klubovňa - Great beer pub! on Herlianska street

New summer menu at Klubovna

Try our new summer delicacies

on 12.7.2019

Opening hours during holidays

on 13.12.2017

Autumn menu

on 11.10.2017

Cream cakes

on 17.7.2017

Summer menu

on 29.6.2017

New Košická Klubovňa

Now open!

on 2.6.2017

Spring menu

on 12.4.2017

Hog-killing specials

Now in each Klubovňa

on 18.1.2017

Winter drinks at Klubovňa

on 2.1.2017

Holiday opening hours

on 7.12.2016

Celebrate new year's eve with us

on 30.11.2016

Autumn feast

on 14.10.2016

Cream cakes are back!

on 29.6.2016

Asparagus menu

Taste the seasonal offer

on 5.5.2016

Feeling like a snack?

on 2.2.2016

We have a brand new menu

From 1.2. in all the pubs

on 1.2.2016

What is happening in February

Concerts & Movies

on 1.2.2016

Hog-killing delicacies

We are launching a winter menu

on 22.1.2016

Bažant kinematograf

January movies schedule

on 28.12.2015

Bažant kinematograf

December movies schedule

on 30.11.2015

Duck feast in Klubovňa has started!

on 26.10.2015


on 23.10.2015

Klubovňácka 11° launch

on 1.10.2015

Klubovňácka 11°

The official beer launch on 25th September

on 22.9.2015

Flatcakes now also available to "take-away"

on 8.9.2015

Klubovňácka 11°

Tasting and trying

on 13.8.2015

Try our homemade cream cakes

on 15.7.2015

Petržalská Klubovňa is open


on 14.7.2015

Summer specials

on 2.7.2015



on 18.6.2015

Klubovňa will be crazy about ice hockey!

Watch all the matches live.

on 29.4.2015

Spring menu

on 27.4.2015

Ružinovská Klubovňa

We are open!!!

on 22.4.2015

New Ružinovská Klubovňa

Opening soon!

on 16.4.2015