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Why is Klubovňa so great?

Because it’s a pleasant, spacious restaurant and a pub where you know what you get – delicious food and beer, which is an integral part of it.

Only in Klubovňa you will find the unique – Klubovňácka 11° beer. People love it!

We also have tank beer. Zlatý Bažant 73 is stored with the most modern technology in tanks, which guarantees freshness and proper quality.

The novelty for beer connoisseurs is Brúder 12 ° Wheat.  The beer has a light golden color and you can find there smell of bananas or cloves.

Each Klubovňa has a beautiful and comfortable interior, which reflects the part of the city where it is located.

The Klubovňa pubs are spacious and ideal for hosting private and corporate parties.  Therefore, if you are looking for a place to celebrate birthdays, graduations or you want to organize a party with a live band, definitely, you are at the right place.